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Across Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes, Kingsbridge, Dartmouth & the South Hams areas of Devon
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Devon Tree Surgeons, Woodland Tree Services are based in Dartington, Totnes but offer expert tree services such as tree stump removal in the Exeter, Plymouth, South Hams, Dartmouth and Kingsbridge areas.
Tree Surgery
Woodland Tree Services are experts at maintaining the health of your trees and preventing them becoming a nuisance or even dangerous. From removing low hanging branches to reducing size without damaging the tree.
Whenever it is necessary to fell a tree Woodland Tree Services ensure that the work is carried in a correct and above all safe manner. If the tree is to be felled from the base, we are able to drop the tree with exactness. Where space doesn't allow the tree to be felled in one piece, we can fell it by sections or dismantle it.

When a tree is in a difficult to get to position (over hanging a conservatory or in a tight location) Woodland Tree Services can remove the tree, piece by piece, without damaging anything around it.


At Woodland Tree Services we take care to prune carefully. Ensuring that our work has the desired outcome and does not harm the tree or its surroundings. Poorly performed pruning can cause disease to set in or even to accelerate the growth of the tree.

Hedge Maintenance

Hedges require a light touch We are able to care for your hedges, giving them perfect shape and years of healthy service.

Minimal Ground Disturbance

Once our work is carried out we take care to leave the site in perfect order. We ensure that we harm no other plants or trees in the area and that we do not cause any damage to structures or pathways.

Stump Removal

A tree or hedge stump can be a nuisance, not to mention attracting fungi or retaining a disease from the former tree that can spread to other, healthy trees. Woodland Tree Services offer a stump removal service with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

Fully insured

We carry full insurance for the work we carry out, details are available on request. We also conform to strict guidelines governing health and safety.

Covering the south west

Woodland Tree Services offer tree surgery services in Totnes, Exeter, Plymouth, Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, and the South Hams and across the wider South West region of England.

Hazard identification

Our trained and experienced tree surgeons are capable of identifying both current and potential problems and dangers. Damaged or diseased trees can be hard to spot for the layman. We can explain the problem and suggest solutions for you.

We cover every aspect of tree work including, tree and hedge trimming, felling, crown lifting, crown reduction, conifer reshaping, planting and pruning.
Woodland Tree Services, Totnes also offer hazardous tree identification, thinning, shaping, safety pruning, cabling, construction site preservation are just some of the many services we offer. We offer free consultations and are fully insured.

So call Woodland Tree Services now on 01803 864635 for more information on the tree services available in the Exeter, Plymouth, South Hams, Dartmouth and Kingsbridge areas of Devon or simply for some professional advice.

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